Thursday, March 28, 2013

More gay marriage debate! More analysis.

Everybody is up in arms, it seems. Only that is not accurate at all. Gay marriage supporters are up in arms. The rest of us are mostly trying to fend off accusations of "bigot," "ignorant," "backwards," etc. I wish we had easily accessible potshots to hurl in the other direction, but alas, "You're wrong" just does doesn't have the same visceral punch.

The longer the controversy continues, the more I am convinced that the primary harm by the left has nothing to do with their cause, but with the way they must portray conservatives. Of course, people like this guy aren't helping.

Not to mention the brain-melting illogicality of the left's arguments--but I already addressed that in previous posts.

For me, I am seeing the point in history at which I may forever after be regarded by the general public as a bigot for holding what, until very recently, was common sense. Never in my whole childhood did I ever guess that would happen. But unlike many of my ideological allies, I have non-ridiculous explanations for my positions; I have thought about it; I am not just being stubborn, and I know that there is nothing bigoted about knowing that marriage is between a man and a woman.

I will never attend or endorse a same-sex marriage. I will never call two men one-another's husband, or two women one-another's wife. I will never accept any compulsion, from company or government, to behave any differently toward any two people on account of a government certificate. They will be one another's good friends, to me. I will not support any entertainment or media materials that promote that falsehood. And any school that tries to slip that falsehood into my children's impressionable minds is picking a fight with me.

And there is not one iota of hate in this position. It is no different than if the government wished to teach that utility poles are trees.

But if you come at me shouting "bigot!" then I will defend myself.

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