Saturday, August 12, 2006

Selfish, selfish, selfish.

Some folks have got it into their heads that Christians are a selfless, unassuming, modest lot. I would like to correct this perception. Christians are, rather, the most presumptuous, demanding, and impatient bunch. Whereas most people are satisfied with the world, the Christians are not happy unless they possess God. So impatient and demanding are they, that when they discover that God cannot be owned, they sell themselves to him as slaves, for the mere gratification of proximity to him. The more modest of us Christians learn to be satisfied with this "settlement," filling what remains of our unsatiated appetite with trifles (some of us bide our time with toys we call God). But the most prideful of them dig deeper into slavery, believing that they deserve, by divine right, to merge with the Ultimate and learn his secrets; nothing else is worthy of them. One of those secrets, they learn along the way, is that slavery to Freedom is citizenship; and amorosity with the finite is death.

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