Thursday, November 16, 2006

Amatuer Photography Marathon I: The Tree

Once upon a time, the parish offices of the church I am at were a convent, and this courtyard looked very different--but the tree is still there. Old trees are witnesses of forgotten days. I wanted this tree to tell me its secrets.

The sky here is a problem. It should be blue. But nevermind that.

The class assignment I had in mind while taking these photos was to try and capture "patterns and textures", and my friend here delivered in abundance. I sort of wish the lighting were more dramatic here, though.

Do you see the owl? I loved how the lines trickled down through the bark into the ground. The "owl" is a bonus that I wasn't even thinking of when I took the shot. If it were hand-carved, it would have been very reminiscent of the art of Stephen Gammel, who illustrated the "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" books.

I should have played with the focus to get a better shot of Mary, but I wasn't thinking about it, and her blurriness wasn't apparent in the viewfinder. The different color of the tree is due to my switching the white balance to "sunlight", whereas before it was set to incandescent light (which corrects against incandescent lights' yellow tinge).

I like this one better, actually; unfortunately, the hot light on the side of the tree distracts from the real subject: the sprouts growing from the severed limb. Also, LOOK, the sky is BLUE.

The instructor liked this one because the trunks all lead your attention to the same place. I don't like it because your attention is being led to... what? Nothing. But a decently composed photo. Stupid hose in the corner.

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