Wednesday, June 06, 2007

On "Knocked Up"

I don't mean to turn Not Noteworthy into a movie review repository, but some friends and I watched this one last night and I would like to comment (when do I not?).

The Good:
  • Implicit anti-abortion message (at least that's what I saw).
  • Demonstrates that an unexpected pregnancy is not only not the end of the world, but has potential for countless blessings.
  • Importance of sacrifice for the good of family.
  • Insightful criticisms of various things--superficiality of show biz, some common problems in marriages, (overly controlling, overly lax) etc.
  • Funny, funny, funny, funny

The Bad:

  • Another movie proclaiming the normalcy of premarital and casual sex...
  • ...and irreligion.
  • Seems sympathetic to adultery in some cases.
  • Trots out the double-standard of chastity adults have for themselves vs. their children, while suggesting that they should be more lax toward the children than disciplined with themselves.
  • Sooo much pot. Cripes, when are people going to stop believing the fantasy that this is a harmless drug?


Matt of CG said...

"...The whites are very white and the blacks are very black..." It's this duplicity in Hollywood that I don't like anymore. Everything is always so grey.

Suzanna said...

When I was coming through Monroe, GA on my way back from Omaha, NE, I saw this movie being advertised on a sign for a movie theatre. And, I thought to myself, "Only in America would a movie be made that's called "Knocked Up." No wonder Europe thinks we're crass...

Jeff said...

Don't be silly, Europe doesn't think we're crass. Europe thinks we're uncivilized gun-toting puritanical Protestant Bible thumpers. But they LOVE our movies. :) They're probably bewildered that the couple in the movie didn't have an abortion.

Matt of CG said...

You slay me!!!

Br. Thomas said...

Worst. Movie. EvAr.