Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Is something about to happen?

I don't know. It seems as though there is a spectre haunting the news lately. Lots of charges against Pope Benedict in the news, lots of anger against the Catholic Church in the polls (admittedly, on liberal, "mainstream" news sources). Between the motu propio and the document reaffirming that the Catholic Church is the church founded by Christ, the sharp clarity of "distinguishing what is Catholic" has an almost unbearable brightness.


Rusty said...

Well first off mate I have to ask WHAT LIBERAL MEDIA!?

As for the effect this is having. Pope Benedict is finding odd supporters. Although probably not ones he'd want...

Others it's a large 'Meh whatever...'

PS If your wondering the largest support the Pope seems to have is coming from all the Satanist I know. That's not a jab at Benedict, I just find it hilarious.

Suzanna said...

Um...fox news is fairly liberal.

But, yeah, Jeff, I think we're closer to The End than we all might have thought. Or, at least closer to a new age of persecution.

Matt of CG said...

"the love of many will grow cold" when organizations like the red cross and all those "hungry children" organizations dissolve due a lack of participation, that's when you'll know it's just about time.

so B16 is getting picked on, huh? excellent! "if the world hates you, realize that it hated me first." which beatitude is he fulfilling?

Rusty said...

But what about the fact many of the groups I'm in simply don't care Matt?

Or the fact many Pagans and yes even Satanist are cheering him on. Even many Muslims and Protestants I know either don't care or support there right to say it.

Matt of CG said...

"Direct my heart toward your decrees and away from unjust gain." Obviously Rusty, you do care. So take it upon yourself to pray for the hearts of your compatriots. Pray that apathy is no longer of consequence to them. Pray that they become more receptive to the love and compassion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. In so doing, they will begin to care.

"Get behind me, Satan. You are thinking not as God does, but as human beings do." Lend the pagans and the Satanists no credence. You give any portion of your being to them and they will devour it.

"Many are called, but few are chosen." God loves us so much that he gave us free will. A free will that killed His only begotten Son.
A great many people choose against the ways of Jesus Christ and might never choose to follow His ways, but there is always hope. Hope in the fact that, even though mankind would choose not to understand the truth because it is easier not to accept it, man still belongs to God. He made us.