Monday, February 18, 2008


A friend noticed that there was a post here about a video game. *sigh*. That was a mistake.

I keep another blog that I use to store the work I've done writing FAQs for video games. It was meant to be anonymous, but I'm kind of proud of my latest work, so I'll link you to it. There.

"Skoobouy" is an ancient pseudonym; it goes back to at least my freshman year of high school (when I really was a "school boy"). The name stopped being cute when I was training for a profession that had all-too-much press involving "school boys", so I retired the name and now use that e-mail address exclusively for online ordering (so it gets all the "spam").

However, it remains my pseudonym for writing videogame documents, because I didn't care to create a new account for the web sites that host them.

Now that that's settled, what happened to my little picture-and-summary in the upper right-hand corner? Guess I'll have to make a new one.

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