Thursday, February 19, 2009

Revising my "About Me"

"The Greeks discovered that Being is True, Good, and Beautiful. To the Jews and Christians it was revealed that, underneath and beyond all this this lay three yet greater things: Freedom, Love, and Mercy. Thus is nature perfected by Grace."

I'm not satisfied with this.

Greeks: Being = True, Good, Beautiful
Christians: God = Freedom, Love, ________?

The problem with calling God "Mercy" in this case is that it really is not distinct from "Love" in the Christian sense. All Christian love is kenotic love--self-emptying love--which is mercy.

Freedom and Love are two names of God; what is the third? The scientist asks, "Why do you need a third name?" Because of my intellectual love for patterns, and because of my suspicion that God also loves patterns.

Ah. Got it. Mystery. Mystery is the third name of God--it is the name that denies the act of naming God. It is the name which reminds us that God cannot be systematized. Thus, within this little system, there is a word that explodes the system outward.

"The Greeks discovered that Being is True, Good, and Beautiful. Jewish and Christian revelation unveils three yet greater things: Freedom, Love, and Mystery. The natural wisdom of the mind is both perfected and shamed by the Grace of God."

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Matt of CG said...

I just got out of the shower to find the computer logged on. While I was in the shower, I was talking to myself about your take on the Transfiguration being the locus of our collective, Roman Catholic, intellectual musings. "He's basically saying, If you want a jumping off point, a measure by which to engage the world in thought and in action, then the Transfiguration is the way to go. Yup, you're right Jeff." I said to myself.

While still in the shower, I subsequently ruminated over your idea that 'the scientific method' demands the same brand of faith a person must exude while engaged in purely religious pursuits. "He says the Hypothesis is an excercise in faith. It attempts to traverse the gap between the known and the unknown. That 'gap' is called 'mystery'. No one moves across that gap without a certain amount of faith. No one. Yup, damn' right. That's some novel-worthy s**t right there Jeff. You gotta get yourself published." I said to myself.

I was laughing my butt off when I saw this post; it felt like too much of a coincidence. And yes, mystery is the perfect word for God.