Friday, February 05, 2010

Designing the robot secretary, pt 1

I have an idea which is both grandiose and simple.

Why couldn't a computer program take a lot of the legwork out of managing my time?

There are countless applications for scheduling, but these are scarcely more than planners wrought pixelated. I'm thinking of something more useful.

Think about the process that goes into our decisions about how we spend our time (if we're not run completely by impulse). The more perspicuous of us are skilled at striking a balance--ensuring that some minimum amount of time each day is spent in activities most beneficially performed as routines, while allotting the remainder of the day to work and rest so that duties are done and the self is not too taxed.

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Matt of CG said...

I know almost nothing about computers, but wouldn't you have to collect data on your daily activites in which (x) is time and (y) is your margin of satisfaction? And then input that data into a computer program to be compiled into a pattern? And then develop a standard of priority based on your unique daily emotional vascillations? (Every good secretary knows when their boss is or isn't in the mood for certain things.)

Sounds like a lot work, you'd probably want to hire a secretary to do it. :D