Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Short Parable

A doctor was distressed by news of a rise in skin cancer, so he spent a fortune to offer free sunblock to people visiting the beach. Although many beach goers accepted the offer, still some ignored it. The sun made everyone happy while they were there; but some it tanned, others it burned, and a few got cancer. If there is a “wrath of God,” it is not that God chooses to punish people out of childish need for revenge. Rather, when we sin we ruin our openness to God's love (like damaging the O-Zone layer). Only God can help us to receive his love well, and give it to others. For some he does this mysteriously. But to us Catholics he has given the Sacraments, which allow the love of God to find its rightful place in us, making us free and bringing us together.

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