Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More Amateur Photography

Abstract? You bet! Actually, this is a severely water-damaged office ceiling just outside of my shower. It reminded me of the special effects from the Silent Hill movie--one reality would peel away to reveal another underneath. Anyway, I thought I could try some neat tricks with lighting, but they didn't turn out that impressive.

Much nicer are these photos of the massive vine growing on the fence outside of the church. I got one with and one without the solar flare from the sun. Which do you like better?

Finally, I captured this "little" guy.

Note the missing leg. Note also the ginormous size. It was pure luck (pure gift?) that I found this beautiful creature just as I was snapping a few for class the same afternoon. Look closely! You can see everything. As is custom for missing-legged creatures everywhere, I hereby dub him/her Pete.

The actual name is schistocerca nitens, or gray bird grasshopper. Reputedly the largest insect in So. California (I can't speak for Arizona, I just Googled it). It is supposedly similar to the locusts of the Biblical plagues, however, these do not swarm.


Matt of C G said...

The two images of the vines, with one exhibiting solar flare, keeps them both from being too static. Physical motion is perceived and with my eyes worn from extensive computer use at the bank, I instinctively averted my eyes from the image. Too bad you couldn't play that solar flare trick on some unwitting passerby so as to emulate a halo.

Matt of C G said...

You ever try to grab the big grass hoppers? They pee!

Matt of C G said...

The ceiling with the light fixture tricked me. Before completely scrolling down, I assumed it was a black and white sunset shot in a wide angle with sepia tone added during print developement.

Jeff said...

That's why I don't like fluorescent lights, either for photos or anything else. Incandescent lights feel more natural.