Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Debate on the nature/philosophy of religion.

Well, it seems that some crazy fellow calling himself "Godefridus," who has absolutely no connection with me, and most certainly is not me (why are you looking at me like that?), has got himself into a lengthy conversion about the nature of religion and the philosophy of religion. You can see his contributions to the discussion here, although you may be required to create a free account in order to read it. It is some of my his best work on the topic.


Matt of C G said...

He was right about the need for a person to first live a religion in order to make comments about religion in general. It's like the writers credo, "Write what you know." Or else your writings will reek with the stench of the disingenuous for those who have the nose to smell it. And Godefridus certainly did.

But, I often wonder why a man should invest himself in the understanding of such philisophical categorizations (restrictions) as "positivist" and "postmodernity" and all that such things entail?

It's only when I ask why the Popes do it, is when it hits me. "They speak in such ways to placate (entreat)those who would, in their intellectual narcissism never allow anything less recondite to affect them. Benedict XVI and John Paul II both would much rather resonate with elegant simplicity of the One who whispers in their left ear, but like good fishers of men are eager to use even the most convoluted lures in their tackle box."

Matt of C G said...

I was looking at some of your old posts from August and ran across the Muse reference. Ditto, man. Ditto. I was exposed to their Absoultion album by way of my little brother Mark. I am one year and two days his senior. I had always longed for the revival of that post-adolescent musical renaissance I experienced a decade ago called "alternative rock" and wondered if there was ever going to be any band that could help take me back. Mark also turned me on to Radiohead via the OK Computer album and I was instantly hooked, although that album at times felt a little too kooky. So when I heard Muse while scrubbing the air register in my parents hall bathroom with a wet sponge, I just about "lost my blob" and not knowing who I was hearing thought,"Oh my God, it's Radiohead with teeth!" and I jumped down and burst into my brothers room dripping with soap thinking how great it was that the subtle nuances of a bygone era were once again gaining a foothold.

Jeff said...

Heh, well put. You could write music reviews for a journal.