Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tired of Jesus being crammed down your throat?

Would you prefer that atheism be slipped into your drink?


Matt of CG said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! It sounds like an info-mercial parody I'd expect to hear on any one of the popular late night variety shows be they animated or live action.

Matt of CG said...

Superficially your post is really funny, introspectively your post is rather jarring. I feel somewhat vindicated by it as I look over my shoulder and say, "Ah, pretty slick, huh? I'm glad he understands."

Thanks. I'm glad I made sense to all of you at least once. Goodbye.

Rusty said...

As many a comrade as told me.

We are having one form of bloody fanaticism switched for another.

Now we will be sent to psycho wards instead of being tortured to death.

At least now we can hide our views via psychobabble if worse comes to worse.