Saturday, August 18, 2007

Update to the "Items of Technological Concupiscence" list

My first paycheck should be coming in the mail today (I hope I hope I hope), and while the vast majority of it will undoubtedly evaporate into monthly bills and basic necessities, whatever's left can go into my exciting "Technological Concupiscence" savings account. These are a few of the conveniences I eventually hope to be able to afford thanks to a modestly professional career.

  • The Buddy 125 Series Italia

    It's about time Genuine Scooters came out with a decent color of their popular scooter. Because, I mean, really--pink? orange? cream? Only the black "Buddy" was acceptably demure, though it gives the distinct impression of "trying too hard to be cool"--not to mention that I fear the effect of the southwestern sun on black plastic.

    Earlier this year, Genuine released the red Buddy, which is undeniably awesome, but it loses all of the "retro" appeal. So, the first item on my list (and my first priority, since I do in fact need a transportation update) is the beauty pictured above.

  • The HTC Shift

    This super-small computer officially replaces my concupiscence for the Fujitsu p1610, which hasn't had an update in a long while, and, anyway, is too big. I don't know if HTC consorts with supernatural beings for their product designs, but ever since the original Compaq iPaq (their invention), they seem to be consistently years ahead of their competition. The "Shift" is their first Windows PC, and happily it will have an option for Windows XP instead of Windows Vista. But it can also dual-boot Windows Mobile. Which means that I can have the functionality of both a very large "Pocket PC" or a very small PC.

    If you'd like to see more, there's a long product demonstration done by an only slightly creepy Australian guy here.

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Suzanna said...

That scooter sure is a nice shade of pea-green!

How very European of you, Jeff.