Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Little snag in lesson planning

First of all, the good news: I finished the preliminary UbD process for the first two weeks of the Sacraments class.

That means that, for all intents and purposes, my lesson planning is done, but... I've hit a snag. I've set aside Wednesday and Thursday to introduce the Incarnation and the Paschal Mystery. But I don't want to revert to lecture. I thought I could work around this by introducing the students to theological research, and essentially having them come up with central concepts through research. Yet this introduces an element of risk.

And on top of that I wanted somehow to connect all of this with love. *sigh*. How to do this?

  • Write quiz for Friday so I know what my students absolutely need to know.
  • Break the quiz down into two worksheets with questions and fill-in-the-blank to be filled out with student research.
  • Include on the worksheets a personal response section in which the student is prompted to connect the "love lyrics" presentations to the patterns discovered in research.

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