Thursday, August 21, 2008

Morning lesson planning.

I have an hour. What can I do in an hour?

  • Write quiz for summer reading discussion today
  • Record grades for Freshmen homework
  • Compress remaining goals into abbreviated lessons for today(46 minutes) and tomorrow (37 minutes)

For the Juniors I have a little more time (46 minute prep before period C; lunch and lab monitoring for the remaining three periods).

  • Give general credit to C-period juniors who turned anything in (theirs was the period that bombed yesterday).
  • Generate Paschal Mystery research worksheet for use with all Junior periods.
  • Introduce central concepts of the Incarnation in a rote way.
  • Introduce the Catechism and how to use it with more depth.
  • Have the class complete same exercise as other periods, with the Paschal Mystery instead of the Incarnation.

For the Junior classes that had a successful day yesterday:

  • Open the class by having a recorder generate a sheet of notes based on student answers to yesterday's research questions.
  • Repeat exercise with the Paschal Mystery research worksheet.

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