Saturday, September 30, 2006

I'm happy, thanks be to God.

I would like to use this 100th post to announce to the whole Internet that, for the first time since I cannot remember, I feel happy. There is no reason for it; it is simply there, and it is the most wonderful feeling I have probably ever had, even though it is less intense than other pleasant feelings. A smile right now is not an effort; the thought of bad liturgies no longer bothers me; I don't have any dread of the next day. I know it's real because I have not had much caffeine. And God, if this is only a short reprieve--a retreat before things return to their ordinary place--then I just thank you for letting me have this feeling, right now. And I pray that others may have it too, sometimes.


Danny Vega said...
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Jeff said...

Hey Danny,

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Matt of C G said...

You know what feeling that is Jeff? Someone out there on the face of the earth is praying to Jesus for you specifically. He lets you know through His Holy Spirit. Just remember this Peace you're experiencing when you ingest Eternity (the Eucharist) during Mass and every day will be like this, I guarantee it. God bless you, my greater brother.