Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pending rants

This is just a placeholder. I want to...

  • Wrap up some thoughts on music and meaning.
  • Discuss the contradiction implicit in rejecting "natural law" arguments against homosexual intercourse and yet defending homosexual marriage on the basis of "civil rights".
  • Recap a discussion I had with a half-way deep thinker who believes that there is a "middle way" between agnosticism and religion (ho hum, probably just another "mystic", believes in all religions, blahdeeblah).

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Matt of CG said...

When talking about homosexuality, try not to get stuck in a "pragmatic reductive fallacy" -- whatever that means. :p (I got that one while sitting in on a class at Mt. Angel seminary in Oregon. It was part of a four day "come and see" in the formation process for the diocese. Of course that didn't pan out because I treated the external forum like the internal and gave them the good, the bad and the ugly. Oops. They said I could give it another whirl when I get my wrinkles ironed out.)

So when are you gonna make it back to St. Anthony's?

While listening to you and Fr. Kevin murmuring in the sacristi, I could tell by the change in the tambour and lithe in his tone that he was inundated with a sense of true repose, man. The likes of which I've never heard from him before.

I thought to myself, "He he he, how cute. Father Kevin finally found himself a little protege."