Sunday, December 10, 2006

Should I start a YouTube channel?

NN doesn't have many readers. Last week it saw 85 page views, but probably a third of those are my own since it's the first page my browser loads (you know, to remind me when it's been too long since I've posted, and stuff).

I've been watching a bit of YouTube videos and I now ask myself whether I should jump onto that bandwagon. A video Not Noteworthy would give me the advantage of being able to use a whiteboard to make graphical illustrations of some of the thoughts I have on here. But it would have the disadvantage of forcing me to actually talk. I've never spent a long time talking in front of a camera; I somehow doubt that it would be like teaching religious ed. In my Confirmation class, I get pretty wild and animated not just because of the material but because I have the company of my class. Could I explain things compellingly in front of a camera?

It seems like it would be a little difficult to develop interesting presentations in video form. On the other hand, if I had a halfway decent camera and some basic video editing software, I could really show people the sources of my own thinking; actually display book pages with highlighted passages, or take videos of liturgical oddities. I could control the visual context of the presentation; even include music and such.

I dunno, what do people think?

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Matt of CG said...

If you already have the "Everybody Got 2 Suffer" DVD by Fr. Stan Fortuna, then you already know what I'm going to say...Hell yes! Fr. Stan projected that church would need disciples who are more emboldened than ever before. And you know I'm inclined to agree with him considering the rapaciousness with which our popular culture cleaves to the value of sex through the eyes of lust in advertising and expression in the intangible mediums of light and sound.

I wonder if anyone has compared the content displayed on magazine covers sold in grocery stores in the last century? I've noticed in my 25 years upon this earth the gradual increase in the audacity and frequency of sexual references on the covers to the point that it has become a function of social ubiquity; assigned no more moral consequence than is lent to the "happy face" now used by Wal-Mart.

Needless to say, the thought of where we will be socially in the next ten years makes me shudder.

So go ahead Jeff, start that YouTube channel and further the artistic pursuits of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Our minds are his canvas and his medium of choice is love; the perfect mix of eros and agape. Our hearts are his clay. (Or his stone.) Our very being is his studio in which he creates masterpieces for his Father's enjoyment.