Thursday, December 21, 2006

Three more pending rants...

I've been "YouTubing" more than I've been blogging lately. But there are some topics that I'm not willing to speak off-the-cuff in front of the camera about. My 9th video actually took three cuts and a little editing to get it acceptable. I hope to turn these topics into videos, but I want to write them down here first so that I have basically what I want to say. Here's my project agenda:

  1. A video response to this guy: "God Help Me, I'm a Christian!"(scraps and notes below)
  2. A reflection on racism (scraps and notes below)
  3. My long-promised series on God and morality.
On the Christian guy - W.K. Clifford on the grave responsibility attach to the faculty of belief; what's underneath other people's offense at being told they may/will go to Hell, and what's underneath his inability to understand that offense; Gibson and wife example; Lefebrist example (What if I believed he couldn't be saved because he was "extra ecclesiam"?

On racism - hidden covert racism; my own reflexive/subconscious racist feelings; the dual nature of racism; the coincidence of discrimination and human standards of excellence; combating racism "from both sides"; the "reverse-rebellion instinct"

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