Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hey, how about this?

I just discovered this Sam Brownback fellow. Looks good.


Matt of CG said...

A Catholic, eh? Well, if he makes it he better make the bullet proof vest his best friend. Nobody but us is going to accept him.

Leticia said...

What makes you say that, he's won 2 terms to the Senate?He's a statesman and a tireless fighter for human rights, like William Wilberforce. He works with whomever is on his side, regardless of party; he sponsorred a bill with Teddy Kennedy to give moms like me who are pregnant with Down Syndrome children full disclosure on the potential of these kids.
Come over to my blog and learn more about him.

Matt of CG said...

It's our lot to be martyred. Especially in the arena of compromise known as politics.

Wasn't there a red-headed dude a while back trying to be judge who was Roman Catholic and the members of the forum kept hounding him relentlessly about the issues of abortion and gay marriage and such?

Don't get me wrong, I'll probably vote for Sam, but I wouldn't doubt it if the world rebelled against him and he went the way of one named John F. Kennedy.

sojourner said...

I'm a Protestant who would be very happy to cast my vote for Brownback.