Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Resume Time!

Here's the most important one: the teaching resume. Here, the education is emphasized, but the "Other Experience and Skills" is meant to be very sweet icing on the cake--especially the speech and debate thing, since such things are great boons to high schools that have none. The margins are .79", which for some odd reason is the default on my Open Office, but it worked out splendidly.

Here's the wage labor resume. All those parish internships came in handy for marketable work experience. "I am the incarnation of customer service! Ask and you will receive." Sad thing is that I don't have contacts for any of the non-church jobs, as those businesses have either closed or changed management.


Matt of CG said...

Clear, concise, visually well-balanced. Looks like it all fits on one page. Lets hope the small stuff is in at least 12 pt. font. (Ten pt. font if you must maintain the integrity of the document within a single page.)

Jeff said...

11pt font, actually.

Matt of CG said...

Hee hee.