Friday, March 21, 2008

Bidding adeiu to Microsoft

I have been using the Eee PC as my only computer for more than a month now; not only as my personal computer but also as a work computer (I even used it to project a PBS movie in the classroom).

Linux isn't perfect, but it has valiantly proven itself as almost everything it claims to be, especially through Ubuntu. Although the operating system requires more than a little wrangling, the end result is such a refreshing departure from Windows that all reasons to go back have been, to my mind, eliminated. And the thought that I may never need to spend large sums of money for software again is just (really sweet) icing on the cake.

I will never be anti-Microsoft. I like the XBox 360 too much. I don't even wish for Linux to overtake Windows, because a part of Linux's advantage is its security through obscurity. Moreover, I imagine that the next Windows OS (due out in 2010) will probably be a much better product than Vista. But even if it was, what I've discovered in Ubuntu is a cozy little refuge from the world of constant maintenance and updating. I like it here. I think I'll settle down.

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