Saturday, March 01, 2008

My first new car - Toyota Yaris, or Honda Fit?

I'm buying a new car within the next month, and I have more or less settled on one of two models: the '08 Toyota Yaris (4-door coupe) or the '08 Honda Fit.

As is typical for me when it comes to a buying decision, I research obsessively, chart the pros and cons, read debates and articles, test drive, etc. and so on. Essentially my choice is between these two cars' sets of advantages:

The Yaris:
  • Cheaper. Configured about equally to the Honda Fit, the Yaris is about $600 cheaper. If I forwent ABS, side airbags, power locks and windows, and the 4-door coupe (getting a hatchback instead), it's $2500 cheaper; I could afford that without a thought.
  • Standard cruise control, which I find an incredible convenience on the highway.
  • Slightly better MPG and bigger gas tank.
  • mp3 playback and an audio-in jack so that I can plug in any player I like.
The Fit:
  • More HP, better acceleration, generally more highly reviewed in driving tests; more "fun".
  • Much better cargo--about a third more than what's available in the Yaris hatchback. Folding down the back seats makes the area look positively cavernous.
  • Better safety features and ratings
  • Hatchback styling--I'm bored of sedans, and don't like the Yaris' hatchback as much.
  • Somewhat better name and reputation; more likely to be desirable years down the line.
The Fit's higher price could make it a relative struggle to afford, unless the dealer can offer me a better loan than my credit union. The Yaris, in some ways, is more sensible--I'm really not crazy about long highway trips without cruise control, and the mp3 features would definitely get used a lot. But the Fit has two things that make it extremely attractive - the cargo space (my bike could go in there without taking the front wheel off), and the Honda name. Let's face it, Honda is the Sony of the car world. So I'm definitely leaning towards the Fit.

Depending on how my talk with a dealership goes tomorrow, I may have a new car. Chances are good--they have the colors I like and the sales guy is telling me that Honda can give me a better loan than my credit union.

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it's me again. said...

which car did you get and how do you like it? I'm about to make the same decision this week, same two choices...