Sunday, March 09, 2008

Yet more triumphs in Linux

Recently, I have just succeeded in doing the following things in Linux:
  • Getting Gradequick to work with no problems.
  • Using "VirtualDub" (a free Windows-based video editing program) through Wine.
  • Using the Web-based Outlook client to schedule events in the school's public calendar (not really a Linux thing, but I didn't know I could do that in the Web client).
  • Put a link to my course planning folder on the desktop; changed the icon so that it looked like a folder. This is a chintzy workaround for an issue that makes it difficult to make a shortcut to folders on removable media.
  • Using PCSX to play Playstation games, and using Brasero to rip a game onto my removable media. This was actually quite difficult, as Linux does not generally play nice with certain kinds of CDs.
  • Wrote a few short scripts to easily switch the display to different external monitor resolutions, and back to the default. What's neat about them is that they also change the size of the "taskbar" (panel) to the appropriate thickness.
Have I reached full functionality yet? Almost. Now a big issue is porting my iTunes library over from the old computer. Thanks to Amazon going DRM free, I no longer need to depend on iTunes anymore; however, I have a pretty big collection (by my standards) that I would like not to have to purchase again.

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