Friday, September 12, 2008


OK, so here is Time's Palin and Troopergate primer.

I won't lie; that's a pretty disheartening story. You expect leaders to struggle occasionally with separating official duty and personal matters. But if the substance of this article is accurate, the Republican VP pick has crossed some ugly lines.

I'm a Republican on issues of domestic law that are important to me. I believe the nation should secure the identity of marriage from those who would seek to rip it away from its roots in childbirth and blood-related family. And we need to protect the lives of American human beings regardless of whether they are physically located inside of a woman's womb, inside a maximum security prison, or inside a geriatric ward.

But corruption in government leaders poisons the promises they make. At this stage I have to ask myself whether the integrity of both names on the Republican ticket has been irrevocably tarnished.

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Matt of CG said...

Disconcerting indeed.

Jesus was starving to death in the desert when Satan tempted him. The pangs of hunger are almost never upon us and we are not perfect. How difficult is it for us to be tempted?