Thursday, September 04, 2008

A much better "What McCain needs to say" article.

This little attempt by Glenn Beck to do McCain's thinking for him, I thought, was actually really good. It was a little intellectual and tepid for an RNC speech, but I thought it summarized the Republican platform excellently, and provided a foreign policy edge to the domestic policy-heavy speech of Palin.

I'm not crazy about the idea that Palin might someday be asked to lead the country by herself. But neither did I like the thought of McCain ruling solo, considering how silent he is on domestic issues. Republicans are doing the right thing by stressing her and McCain's mutual complimentariness. I'm not nearly as confident in either one alone, as I am in the two of them together.


Matt of CG said...

There was a comedian that said there should be a "no confidence" bubble on all ballots and I couldn't agree with him more. What better way is there to show the government how we feel about them?

So we've got a rehash of some 28 year old aspirations that have yet to come to fruition? Why? The answer is greed and jealousy. Greed murders progress. Jealousy causes war.

Lucifer was jealous of God and after a time a he made war with God and lost his grace. Look at the countries that decry America and wonder why they are so adamant in their hatred of us.

The answer is, "standard of living." Ponder for a moment and put yourself in North Korea or the Middle East and wonder why you have to starve or live without medical care, reliable electricity or clean water. And know that you will believe anything anyone tells you as long as they keep putting food in your aching stomach.

It is always easier for the leader of a country to point the finger of blame than to accept personal responsibility for mistakes.


My father told me that sometime in the 1970's and 1980's there were seperate instances in which two different guys showed up on the news with a car that ran on water and nothing came of it expect that both guys met bitter ends. One was poisoned and the other missing.

The technology has been around for thirty years and in the interest of the "easy dollar" men of worldly power have done nothing with it.

God calls us his children. The Virgin Mary calls us her "little ones." No matter how old or self-involved we may become we are always children and operate with the same motives.

If the children are crying because they are hungry, then feed them. If the children are crying because they are thirsty, then give them drink. If the children are crying because they are afraid of the dark, then give them light to see their feet and hope to guide them. Why haven't we yet given these whimpering countries basic civil infrastructure to build on? They've been whimpering for decades.

We are the most powerful country in the world and we can't even give other countries the scraps from our table?

What the hell?!

Matt of CG said...

Sorry about the profanity at the end.

Jeff said...

The difficulty, number one, is that many such countries are not poised to receive such aid and direct it to its intended goal. Warlards and organized crime will make sure of that. Number two, aid is never neutral. "Giving countries an infrastrcture" is also called "nation-building", which itself is considered a euphemism for colonialization, occupation, and hegemony.

That 2% of the world population owns 50% of the world's resources is not a situation that can be solved through mere osmosis--apologies to "Fly Like an Eagle". Distributive justice needs to be established internally within countries (poor and wealthy alike) before distributive justice can be achieve between countries.

Matt of CG said...

Yep, you're right as best as I can figure it. I suppose I ought to change my middle name to, "Ulterior Motive" right now and be done with it. I wouldn't be a man otherwise. ;)