Monday, September 15, 2008

"Jesus is Magic"? Not quite.

Reference is to Sarah Silverman.

Little known fact:

By Christian reckoning, none of Jesus' miracles--not even the raising of Lazarus or his own Resurrection--are privy to him alone as the only-begotton Son of God, the Incarnate Word, or the Messiah. Even in his working of signs, Jesus' humanity is uncompromised. It is simply a humanity which is already immersed in the Beatific Vision. Every action, miracle, and wisdom of Jesus Christ is available to us, the adopted sons and daughters and God, through the grace of faith.

There is one exception and one alone: only Christ can say "I AM"--only he can speak "with authority" in interpreting and teaching the Law, because he is literally its Author.

Jesus is Magic? In the sense that Sarah Silverman is speaking, not quite. By my understanding, it is technically incorrect to speak of the signs Christ performed as if they were his alone to perform.

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Matt of CG said...

I don't like her humor. She's like a pretty, highschool girl embarrassed at the fact that she's poor and doesn't want anybody to find out. So she puts on this mask of "succinct disenchantment" in hopes that her fellow man would perceive it as cool, self-assured, contemporaneuos insight attained through a cosmopolitan upbringing. When in fact she aint nothin' but a scared little kid.

I know, I tried it until I was eight when my nine-year-old cousin Gumby called me out by catching my in a lie.