Saturday, September 16, 2006

Brief comment on the Pope and Muslims

Cripes... the irony of it: Nablus militant groups reacting with violence against a perceived implication that they are violent. None of the churches they attacked were even under the Pope. EDIT: Oh, nevermind, looks like they found the right ones this time. *sigh*

I also note that, wherever a news story permits commentary or a poll, most people (Americans, I guess) are supportive of the Pope's comments.

God, please bring us peace; forgive the Holy Father any carelessness; and forgive the people who attacked Christian churches.

EDIT: Found this interesting synopsis. Don't put away your critical-thinking caps, though. I just thought one line was amusing: "How dare anyone call us violent! We'll show you violence! How dare you insult the religion of Peace! For this you must die!"

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