Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New sticker and self-critique

I did this bumper sticker as a companion to a bulletin article I wrote today, again, as an apologetical response to the bumper sticker "God Is Too Big To Fit Into Just One Religion." In the article, I basically point out that God of Christianity is beyond "big" and "small" and encompasses both the universal and the particular. At one point, I wrote, "Is God too big to become small? I have no use for that god." My real point was that it is the Incarnation, and everything that comes with it (including a Church which is a visible society) that truly make God relevant and reveal his unsurpassable glory.

The sticker above uses a conveniently pre-designed template from makestickers.com. I have two things to say against it. Liberals are likely to love it, first of all because it makes God into a harmless, and hence non-challenging being. Liberals do not like the idea of a God that is absolutely higher than us and our judge, and so this sticker could play into their antinomialism. The second thing that's wrong with this sticker is that it applies the word "use" to God. This is a lesser problem, since I was, after all, only pointing out the inherent irrelevance of the pluralist "god". But it evokes the pragmatist sense of religion, which is always bad.

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